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Tips and Techniques - Front Surfing Part.2(Stationary Corrections)


Front Surfing

Part 2 Stationary Correction Strokes

This is the second of a four part series on front surfing. When front surfing, maintaining control is critical. When on a wave there is constant pressure on the bow by the water.. The paddle pressure is working to hold position. If we take the paddle out of the water we no longer have a force holding the bow in position but the water is still pushing and we loose control of the bow to the water.

This is where stationary correction strokes come into play. The paddle is not taken out of the water. The paddle is kept in line with the keel to keep from pulling the boat off the wave. The paddle grip is rotated to become a stationary draw or pry. This leaves the paddle in the water and thus constant control.

To practice this, get on a moderate wave and get the boat front surfing and in line. Put the paddle in a stationary stern pry position, but with the blade neutral (vertical). Keeping this position with the paddle in line with the keel, blade in a neutral position with no pressure on it. Then slightly rotate paddle blade one way and then the other and feel the pressure build on the back face and then the power face and how it moves the front of the boat. Be sure to rotate and face your work with your shoulders, the shaft hand should be 6-8 inches behind the hip. See how long you can stay on the wave and how far you can go back and forth, with out taking the paddle out of the water.

Note the paddle linkage, maintaining good shoulder protection by rotation. See other tips on linkage, and leaving the paddle in the water.


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