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Who is Bob Foote?


Bob Foote is one of the premiere open boaters in this country. Perhaps one of a very select few, Bob has realized his life-long goal, and spends his days traveling around the United States, Canada, and South America, teaching paddling and leading trips down some of the world’s most challenging rivers. Not bad for the former Emergency Room Nurse and Nurse Practitioner.

Bob is truly "one with the water," whether he is sharing the thrill of paddling through the Grand Canyon, descending a 40 ft. waterfall in Chile, enjoying Freestyle paddling on a quiet pond or sea kayaking off the Honduran Island of Roatan. He has several first open canoe descents including the North Fork of the American River, Burnt Ranch Gorge, and the Simms Run on the Sacramento River.

Cover.JPG (24483 bytes)Bob is the Chairperson for the American Canoe Association (ACA) River Canoeing Committee and a member of the ACA Coastal Kayaking Committee. He is an ACA Instructor Trainer Educator in Whitewater Canoeing, an Instructor Trainer in Basic Coastal Kayaking and instructor in Freestyle Canoeing. He is a BCU 4 Star. He is a past Men’s Freestyle National Champion. He has designed three whitewater canoes for Dagger, the Genesis , Rival, and his latest — the Phantom. Bob has also designed four tripping canoes for Navarro Canoe Company, the 16’ and 17’ Loon, Pursuit, and the Egret and a Freestyle boat called the Whisper: and for Bell he has co-designed the Prodigy, Prodigy X, and Nextus with Dave Yost. He co-designed the Stingray paddle with Harold Deal for Sawyer Paddle and has developed and marketed his own line of accessories. He also has produced three videos: Open Canoe Roll , Open Canoeing the Grand Canyon , Volumes 1 & 2, and is featured in Kent Ford’s Drill Time. 

Articles about Bob or written by him have been published in magazines such as Canoe & Kayak (cover reproduced with permission of Canoe & Kayak),Paddler and Backpacker. In 2000, Bob was named as one of Paddler's "paddlers of the century." And, he has even been quoted in the Wall Street Journal! His expertise in canoeing is recognized around the world.

Bob has been offering whitewater expeditions for almost 25 years—ever since he made one of the first successful descents in an open canoe on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon . (He was also the first to lead a group of female paddlers through the Canyon). Since that time, Bob has led hundreds of paddlers on an adventure of a lifetime. Recently he has expanded his paddling and teaching to include Freestyle canoeing and sea kayaking. He has also expanded in sharing his designer's knowledge in offering a Traditional Kayak building course.

Bob has created a unique, online resource for the whitewater canoeist, flatwater canoeist, and sea kayaker. Here you'll find a wide variety of outfitted trips, instruction, and tips for every level of interest and expertise. Whether you're an experienced paddler looking for wild, world-class whitewater adventure, or a novice ready to learn new skills, Bob's site can take you there.

Bob recently was featured in two articles.

This article was published in the July 2005 Edition of Canoe & Kayak Magazine

This article was published in the May/June 2005 Edition of Paddler Magazine

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